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Tougher safety regulations with significant penalties impact your business. 

Cindicium cuts the cost of compliance, reduces your liability and boosts your productivity. 



Weighing the contents before you fill a shipping container (SOLAS Method2) is time consuming.

SAVE TIME: A single operator can weigh a packed container in 15 minutes with Cindicium.

Weighbridges (SOLAS METHOD 1) are expensive and time consuming.

CUT COSTS by 70% with Cindicium. Save around $80 and 30 minutes per container.

Driving a potentially overloaded truck to a weighbridge is a safety risk.

WEIGH BEFORE GATE: Verify gross mass before you drive with our 'weighbridge in a toolbox'. 

Outdated weighing equipment and safety practices won’t satisfy the regulator.

BE SAFE AND SURE: Reduce your accident risk and prove compliance with our innovative, affordable technology.

Underloading reduces revenue. Overloading is a dangerous compliance breach.

OPTIMISE YOUR LOAD: Stop the guesswork. Maximise payload for every container, minimise shipping costs and avoid overloading.

Estimating axle loads is a dangerous compliance breach.

BE ACCURATE: Know your weight distribution and calculate axle loads.

Inadequate record-keeping is a dangerous compliance breach.

STREAMLINE YOUR SYSTEMS: Integrate data with your business system via Cindicium’s Application Program Interface to streamline record-keeping and reporting. 

Inadequate data sharing is a dangerous compliance breach. 

BE A STRONG LINK IN THE CHAIN OF RESPONSIBILITY: Use our customer portal to send a VGM certificate and other verified data to anyone who needs it, quickly and easily. 

A lack of business data leads to poor planning and bad decisions.

BE SMART: Get accurate, timely data to improve business management and productivity.

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