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To deliver products and services that improve customers’ operational efficiency and ensure compliance with road and maritime safety regulations.


We’re committed to continually improving safety on the roads and at sea.


Our core business is helping customers to maximise safety and efficiency and comply with regulations.



We believe collaboration is how we achieve our goals.


Our decisions and actions focus on delivering superior service, safety and performance.

With extensive experience in transformation and implementation projects in manufacturing, transport, logistics and ports, Robin Bean believed that the freight industry could achieve superior safety and productivity if the Internet of Things included shipping containers.


Inspired by the growth of the sharing economy, he wanted to create affordable technology services to track shipping containers and share data along the whole supply chain, for improved logistics and safety management.


In 2016, the introduction of tougher SOLAS regulations presented a driving force for change. Robin saw the opportunity to help industry comply with the new regulations and improve safety and logistics management with a mobile weighing device connected to the Cloud for instant data sharing.


He discussed his idea for the CLAW with Peter Kosmina – a 35+ year veteran in container supply chains – who loved it, and together they planned a new venture: Cindicium was born.




The sharing economy involves peer-to-peer acquisition, provision and sharing of goods and services, facilitated by a communal online platform.


The Internet of Things uses electronics, software, sensors and actuators to connect physical objects and devices to the Internet, integrating the physical world into computer systems to enable the collection and exchange of data, and resulting in efficiency gains, economic benefits and reduced human labour.

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