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Discover the advantages of Cindicium’s innovative Container Lift and Weigh (CLAW) technology. 


  • The CLAW is a ‘weighbridge in a toolbox’. Weigh before gate and avoid waiting in line!



  • Share verified mass data along the Chain of Responsibility to prove safety compliance and enhance logistics planning.


accurate, safe, easy and fast: a single operator can weigh a container in 15 minutes

robust yet lightweight, portable and compact

weighs containers on the ground or back of a truck

enables load optimisation

determines weight distribution so you can calculate axle loads

share verified gross mass and other data remotely


  • iOS and Android


  • verify gross mass of packed container and load distribution (Door/Front and lateral)


  • record who weighed it, where and when


  • Share and retrieve data to/from Customer Portal


  • when out of mobile range, store data for forwarding later


  • store data securely on Microsoft Azure servers


  • register users and manage their roles and rights

  • set up rules for data visibility and distribution

  • send emails with attached VGM Certificates

  • enhance decision-making and productivity with dashboards and reports

  • integrate data with your business system via our Application Program Interface (API).


  • CoR Training

  • CoR Compliance and 

  • CoR Audit Preparation

If you need assistance with training, pre-audits, audits, compliance consulting, or systems implementation we’ve got you covered through our alliance with COR Australia.

You can order any of your CoR requirements through this link:

For more information contact 1300 1CINDI or email

Don’t be the weakest link in the
Chain of Responsibility!

Save time and money.

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