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Driver narrowly escapes death after forklift dramatically tips from suspected overweight container

A forklift driver has been freed during a complex and delicate rescue mission in West Melbourne after the forklift flipped, leaving the driver trapped in the cabin about four metres off the ground.

Fire crews were called to the scene on Dock Link Road near Footscray Road just before 4:00pm.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) commander Paul Eckholdt said the forklift was moving a large shipping container at the time.

"It's fallen forward. The back wheels are about eight metres up in the air and the cabin of the forklift is about four metres up in the air," he told ABC Radio Melbourne at the time.

The driver fell forward in the cabin when the forklift tipped and has since complained of back pain.

The MFB brought in specialist firefighters with a high-angle rescue team to secure the vehicle before the driver was rescued.

"Ambulance Victoria … [have] advised us that they'd like to have him placed on a back board before we lower him to the ground," Commander Eckholdt said.

"We've had to get a hydraulic aerial ladder in to get the crews up to that level, the four metres off the ground.

"They're going to secure this patient on to a stretcher and then lower him to the ground using rope lines."

The man in his 30s was freed about 6:00pm and was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for treatment.

It is not known why the forklift tipped. Worksafe, Ambulance Victoria and Victoria Police were all on scene.

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